Moria Sewald, Business Manager for Health and Nutrition, identified the need for a series such as ‘Maatband’ when she realized there were many people like her who were constantly searching for the latest information on health and beauty. At the time …there was no other locally produced programme dedicated to the subject. She discovered that health and beauty is the fastest growing industry in the world with an estimated value of more than $800 billion.
Moria says, “Think of “Maatband” as your personal dietician, your own gym instructor, your advisor on plastic surgery and beauty products, your life-style coach etc.
We will take away the guesswork and provide our viewers with honest opinions and views from experts on various health and beauty topics.
This programme will show our viewers how they and their families can enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, even in today’s busy life!”
The series has proved to be a huge success and has become one of the most talked about programmes on television in the health and beauty industry. kykNET tell us that when Maatband airs, they have to put extra people on the switchboard to handle the high number of queries!
Thank you Moria!Moria