AECI Food & Beverage, a division of AECI Ltd, incorporating Lake Foods, Infigro Natural Technologies, is the exclusive representative for leading international manufacturers and suppliers of specialty ingredients and commodities, offering products and services into the dairy, beverage, wine, meat, bakery, health and nutrition industries.

Offering a full service to their customers, AECI Food & Beverages has a well-equipped pilot facility at the Head Office in Linbro Business Park, Sandton, which enables the technical department to assist customers with new product innovation, development and product improvements.

Products in our portfolio include bacterial cultures, enzymes, natural colours, test systems, phosphates, stabilisers, emulsifiers, baking powders, brines, spice blends, marinades and various other food ingredients.


Growth in the health and nutrition business was noteworthy, notwithstanding aggressive competition in traded products and the resultant negative effect on prices, volumes and margins. The supply of value-added blends to the local poultry industry was most affected by this.

HACCP is a management system that enables food processing and catering industries to introduce and maintain a cost-effective, on-going programme focused on food safety. It involves the systematic assessment of all the main steps involved in a food manufacturing operation and the identification of those steps that are critical to the safety of the product.


Individual sectors in South Africa’s food market require customised skills, product mixes and services. AECI Food & Beverage will continue to concentrate on delivering these and on identifying potential investments to enhance them.

Investment in Afoodable’s manufacturing capacity will enable organic growth and the pursuit of business in Africa.

A phased approach to African expansion has already delivered some pleasing results and bodes well for accelerating growth.