Jade Kriel and Celani Nzuza are pictured here at a Copebras Phosphate mine outside Catalão with Bernardo Mello (AECI Latam) and the people from Fertipar Fertilizantes do Paraná, Fertipar Fertilizantes do Mato Grosso Ltda. and Fertigran Fertilizantes Vale do Rio Grande Ltda.

Copebrás’ Catalão site is located in the state of Goiás and is adjacent to its Ouvidor mine where it sources 100% of its phosphate rock. This strategic location allows Copebrás to efficiently supply the agricultural centre-west region (mainly Goiás and Mato Grosso) of Brazil with phosphate-based fertilisers.

At Catalão chemical plant, approximately 50% of the wet concentrate produced by the beneficiation plant is processed into finished products including high and low analysis fertilisers, DCP and intermediate products. The remaining 50% is dried before being transported by rail to the Cubatão chemical plant for processing into finished products.