Lake Foods understands the demands of the South African meat industry. We meet the needs of the local market using our local technical expertise and lab facility, coupled with that of our international partners.

Speciality Phosphates
Budenheim produced integrated blends for optimal functionality for emulsion and injected/tumbled products.

Stabilizer Blends
Cost effective carrageenan, and gum blends for emulsion and injected/tumbled products.

Gelatine in various blooms and mesh sizes available.

Shelf Life Extenders
Natural shelf-life extenders.

Natural Colours & Cultures
High quality products produced by Chr-Hansen, for various fermented sausages and salami’s.

Spices & Flavours
Various imported natural spices and blends.

Various blended brines availible depending on application and requirements.

Sodium erythrobate, ascorbic acid, spices and sodium erytirosine.

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