FoodSolutions Meat & Poultry

Lake Foods supply a range of blended and functional food additives to the meat and poultry industries.

Lake Foods Poultry Ingredients are functional ingredient blends specifically formulated for the poultry industry to improve tenderness, succulence, taste and colour in fresh and frozen poultry products.  They are formulated to improve freezing and thawing losses while ensuring maximum cooking yields.  Customised options are available to best suit customer requirements of performance, price and flavor.

Lake Foods Meat Ingredients are now available to meat and poultry value-added processes.  This extensive range includes:

  • Specialty Phosphates
  • Stabilizer Blends
  • Shelf Life Extenders
  • Natural Colours and Cultures
  • Food Additives
  • Functional Blends
  • Batch Pack Systems

Lake Foods marinades are the ideal solution for all marinated meat and poultry products, with a wide range of flavor and packaging options to suit all processing requirements.

For more information contact Dia van Staden on 082 373 0901.